Manufacturing | Bagespack


What Bagespack is?

Bagespack is an industrial company. However, it does not sell a product; a bag, a print, or a sack. Bagespack sells a service. A need that must be satisfied or, sometimes, identified. A suggestion. An improvement. Attentive to our clients and their needs. We wish to give greater value and visibility to your image in the marketplace. In other words: SATISFACTION.

Our service consists of 3 phases: DESIGN, PRODUCTION and DISTRIBUTION.


We work with our clients starting with the design principle of their image. We advise them so that the final quality of their image in the marketplace will be the result of an exhaustive study of its design.


We integrate clients into the manufacturing process, because experience has shown us that knowing about our manufacturing process is a way of providing our clients with more knowledge when designing a new image for the packaging of their product.

We have an ink production system that enables us to produce ink of any colour that our clients require on site and immediately. And change it if necessary.


Flexibility. Our flat organisational structure, which is flexible and fast, enables us to provide a quick, consistent service to our clients, thereby reducing the stock in their companies.